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This book tells the story of a boy named Shaoni. It is the story of a boy on the road towards becoming a wizard. But the road Shaoni follows is not the road you would expect a wizard's boy to follow. That may not surprise you as his teacher, the wizard Aneola, is not a traditional wizard either. No, as you will soon discover, Aneola is, what one calls a 'wizard of the Light' ... sometimes, in the old days, also called a 'wise man', hence the name 'wiz'-ard. But since those days, most of the knowledge of these wizards has been lost and today, many even doubt they ever existed.

Now, maybe you think that this knowledge may not have been very important but the truth is that the wisdom of the old 'wizards of the Light' was such that the loss of it to the human race would have been catastrophic.


Still, just at the point humanity thought the wisdom had been lost forever, it suddenly surfaced again. Some said that it had never really been lost in the first place, that the wisdom had been present all along, that it had been kept alive in the minds and souls of the people of goodwill, those people who had always lived, even through the darkest of all ages. Whatever the cause or the reason, the fact is that the wisdom is back.

So what did these wizards know that was so very important, you may wonder. Well, it's a bit hard to tell you in just a few words but maybe the manuscript below will give you a general idea. It was found recently in the mountains of Caldo Razan, where the Raona dwarfs reportedly lived, and it was supposedly written by one of the old wise men.

Here is what it said ...

You are radiant love

If you experience the world as being negative, and you feel you have no grip on it ... or if you feel that life is hard and that there is so little you can do ... don't blame the world, the others ... don't blame yourself either. That wouldn't make you feel any better.

If that is what you have been doing till now, just stop and think for a second. Did it get you any further? Did it make you any happier? Did it make ANYBODY any happier?

Instead, try to understand a simple reality and start living by that reality. The reality is that you are a being of pure energy and ... that you can allow this energy to flow freely . or you can block it off and keep on wondering why life seems such a struggle.

As soon as you choose to live consciously and let the energy flow, you are choosing for a life filled with joy, love and vibrant health.

When people start 'opening up' to this reality, they often hear from others that they are so 'lucky' ... that things just always seem to fall into place for them. But will they themselves do anything to be just as 'lucky' ... starting right then and there?

Understand that you have that choice ... and understand that you have it at any moment of your life. So, why wait any longer? Start to live NOW and enjoy the ride.

How to bring this change about

The thing you have to understand is this. Not only are you energy. your life is a reflexion of that energy and of your level of vibration. You can freely change the amount of energy flowing through you and the frequency at which you 'vibrate'.

Understand this choice. understand that we have it in us to decide for ourselves to make our lives into what it is. We can change it whenever we want.

A second thing you may want to understand is this. We attract to us what we emanate. If you are doing things which are of a higher spiritual frequency, your energy will naturally raise its vibration. The effect of this is a happier disposition and a clearer view of life around you. This is not a theory, try it out for yourself and enjoy the experience.

The inverse is true as well. When you participate in spiritually lower things, your energy will vibrate at a lower level. This causes fatigue, sadness, even disease and depression. Do not try to experience this. Then again, if you already do, change your disposition.

You are a free being, you have the choice to live your life. Now that you know, what's your choice?

A simple decision

As soon as you understand this principle, it comes down to a simple decision. a decision that is yours to take. And this simple decision will not only change your 'view on life'. it will actually change 'life itself'. It will set you back on your path, allow you (once again) to experience and live the beauty of life, enjoy vibrant health and literally make you feel radiant.

So how, you may ask, can I let this energy flow freely, and how to allow myself to vibrate at this higher frequency. The answer is ... simply by opening your heart.

Have you forgotten how to open your heart? Don't worry. There are a thousand ways. The difficulty does not lie in finding how but in deciding to start.

It starts with an intention ... an intention within you ... no matter the intention, as long as it is pure.

As soon as you change your intention, you are inviting the energy in. As you start walking that path, you will feel a new world opening up inside. Listen to it ... feel it ... give it your undivided attention ... it will guide you further.

If you don't feel it at first, don't worry. Allow it time to grow. Most of us, for far too long, have turned away from listening to our inner self and although the inner self is still there ... we may have to learn how to listen again, to learn to tune in again.

How? Consider a child learning a language. He doesn't know how but he does not worry. He just listens ... not understanding at first ... yet soon enough he speaks the language fluently and understands all that is said.

Give it time. It will come as it is in your true nature. And as it does, it will bring you more joy then you would ever have bargained for.