The Wizard Within
Listen to your spirit guide

Imagine you had a magical cell phone. One you would carry with you at all times. A cell phone allowing you to ask for advice whenever you needed it ... and the person on the other end of the line would have but one intention in mind, it is ...'to help you at all cost'. Wouldn't that be great?
Aneola decided to offer one of these magic cell phones to Shaoni. But would Shaoni accept this exceptional present?

"Of course you can't hear him." Aneola said. "You are not listening."

"What do you mean, I am not listening?" Shaoni replied, "I just never heard anybody speak to me in my head before. I mean, I really don't think there is someone in my head ... someone I can ask for advice, no less."

Shaoni always had a hard time believing what the wizard told him. Most of the time it didn't seem to make sense. It was as if he was hearing stories about another world; something that only happened in fairy tales or children's stories. No, Shaoni was pretty sure about it. If there were someone speaking to him in his head, beside himself that is, he would have heard him by now for sure.

"And so convinced you are!" the wizard replied smilingly.
"Do you remember the story that I told you about the 'sunglass society'? Do you remember how these people couldn't see the world of colors around? Yet, the colors existed, didn't they? Think about that, my boy. As long as you stay convinced that something doesn't exist, you will not see it, even if it is standing right in front of you!"

Shaoni looked up at the wizard, sitting beside him.
"Are you saying that I can only see the things that I believe in?"
"Sure thing! Or hear, or smell or taste. If you don't believe something to be, then for you it doesn't exist."
Shaoni thought about it for a second.
"So if a cat sits in front of my nose and I think there is no cat, I won't see the cat?"
"What?" said the wizard, being a little surprised by that last remark, "Ah, indeed. If you really believe there is no cat, you won't see it."

Suddenly, Shaoni saw a rabbit sitting under a bush, a bit further down the road. He closed his eyes ... concentrating ... telling himself there was 'no' rabbit.
"No rabbit ... no rabbit ..." he constantly repeated to himself. He looked again.
"I must be doing something wrong" he thought as he stopped his efforts. The rabbit was still there, starring right back at him.

The wizard hadn't noticed Shaoni's rabbit at all. He got up, indicating that it was time to move on. As they started to walk down the road, he suddenly recalled something that once happened to him, a long time ago.

"I remember once," he said, "whilst traveling through the Amazon forest, how I was invited by a local tribesman Waione, to spend the night in his village. On arrival, I was surprised to find a radio in his hut. When I asked him about the radio and what he used it for, he said it didn't have any use. It was just one of those things the 'white men' used to carry around all the time but it didn't have any use.

When I told him the 'thing' did have a use and tried to tell him about it, he was very surprised. The thing had been standing there for years, he said, and never had he heard any sound come out of it, let alone a person's voice or a song.

"It's nonsense!" he said but then again, he wasn't surprised. After all, he had met other white people before and he knew they all seemed to have lost track of reality."

The wizard paused before continuing.
"I understood what Waione was talking about." he then said, "Many white people, be it tourists or scientists, go off into the Amazon forest but rather than opening up to the knowledge of the locals, they often start to tell 'them' what life is about and how 'they' could be so much better off, and so on ... Then, without further notice, they just walk on, in total disrespect of the beauty and the wisdom that lies in front of their very eyes."

Aneola paused for a moment as if to gather his thoughts.
"But that is beside the point here. The reason why Waione didn't believe me, is because his experience for ever so long had told him that it simply wasn't so. Useless things that white people carry with them don't make sounds, he knew, and furthermore, white people spoke gibberish most of the time anyhow. Case closed."

Suddenly Aneola stopped and looked at Shaoni.
"The important thing here however is not the old tribesman but you! Just like Waione, you too have a radio ... and it's not just an ordinary radio but a special one, tuned in especially to you. A radio you can switch on whenever you want.

You see Shaoni, maybe the tribesman didn't know how to use an ordinary radio ... but he knew how to turn on his 'radio' within because that was part of his culture. Already as a young boy he had been told how to turn his attention inwards and listen to his 'radio within'. Listening to his 'radio within', to him, was like the most normal thing on earth ... just as normal as it is for you to listen to a 'normal' radio."

Once again the wizard paused.
"Some people laugh when they hear about those men like Waione turning inwards to listen to their 'inner' radio. They simply cannot accept or understand! But have they ever tried it? Always remember my dear boy, Waione didn't hear the old radio in his hut either but does that say something about the radio ... or about the things he believed in?"

"Do you mean to say then that everybody has a radio in his head?"
"That's how it is." the wizard replied.

Shaoni's mind wandered off. The thought of having some sort of a radio in his head, a radio he could listen to whenever he felt like it, seemed like a great idea.
"Would you like to show me then what to do to listen to that radio?"

"Sure!" Aneola said. "Not only because I know you are willing to open your mind to it ... but most of all, because there is so much to gain from it. Actually there is so much wisdom and knowledge to be found there, that I personally call it 'the wizard within'."

Shaoni fell quiet for a moment, just thinking about the 'radio in his head'.
"And I can tune into and listen to that radio ... I mean that 'wizard within' whenever I want?" he then asked.

The answer from Aneola was beyond all expectations.
"Not only that, Shaoni. Soon you will find out that you can even talk to him ... and ask for any help or advice you need ... but as with most things in life, the best thing to do, is to try it out for yourself."

Shaoni lay back in the grass. 'A wizard within', he thought, 'and I can ask him for help and advice. Hmm ... sounds like fun to me.'

Later that evening

Later that evening, the wizard came up to the boy and said, "Tonight my boy, just before falling asleep, go to your center and imagine ...

Imagine that you have a problem that needs solving, and imagine asking your 'wizard within' to help you find the answer.

Then, tomorrow when you wake up, look within. Chances are you have already received the answer ... and if you haven't, the answer will come to you in the coming days, be aware and listen out for it "

"Is that how it works then?" Shaoni asked.

"Yes." the wizard replied, "or at least, at first it is. You see Shaoni, when you are just starting out, the messages are not always clear. It is as if you still have to learn to tune in your radio to the right frequency ... or tune in to the language of the wizard if you prefer ... but as you go along . it becomes easier."