The Crystal City
Bringing light into the world

Do you sometimes wonder where your life is leading to? Or do you sometimes feel as if you are walking in circles ... as if nothing ever really changes?

"Aneola! What is this place we are going to?"
The question had been on Shaoni's mind for quite a while now. At first, just after he met the wizard and asked him if he could stay with him, Shaoni hadn't wondered where the wizard would go to, nor did he really care. He just wanted to follow the wizard and learn about the matters of the heart, just as his mother had asked him to, before she died.

Not that he had the impression the wizard was just wandering along, going from one place to the next. On the contrary even, Aneola seemed so sure about were he was going that he never even asked for directions. Yet the road they followed wasn't straight and often Shaoni had the impression that they passed the same place twice.

"The Crystal City." the wizard suddenly answered Shaoni's question and then returned to his own thoughts, as if with these few words he had said everything there was to be said.

"I should have known." Shaoni thought.
"Ask the man a question and he starts telling you a story. A story making you wonder if you did well asking anything in the first place ... or you get an answer like this ... leaving you behind with a feeling of a thousand questions unanswered."
Shaoni couldn't stand it.
"Why can't I just get a simple answer to a simple question?" he wondered. "Just for once, why ... ? Oh, what's the use!" he suddenly decided.

He took a few passes to catch up with the wizard walking ahead, then with the most natural voice he could master, he asked, "The Crystal City?"
"Huh? What? Right." the wizard replied and fell silent again.

Shaoni could bare it no longer.
"Aneola!" he almost yelled.
Shaoni was surprised by the intensity with which he had called out to the wizard.
"I am sorry," he went on, "I am sorry I yelled but could you tell me something more about this Crystal City?"

"Oh, that!" the wizard replied, "Yes sure, what would you like to know?"
"Well to start with," Shaoni said, whilst still trying to regain his calm, "where is it? Is it far from here and why are we not going to that place right away? I mean, sometimes I have the impression we are literally walking in circles."

"No we are not." the wizard replied, "We are taking the shortest road there is. It is just that it isn't ready yet.""What do you mean not ready yet? Are they still building it?"
"Well, yes and no. We are still building it, would be a more accurate description."

This answer didn't really help Shaoni to calm down.
"We are building it?" he muttered, "What do you mean? 'We' are building it. You mean 'we', like in you and I"?
"Yes," the wizard replied, "you and I and just about a hundred thousand others."


Shaoni had the firm impression that this conversation was really leading nowhere but still he tried to get a sensible answer out of the wizard who seemed to do just everything to make him nervous.
"So you and I and a hundred thousand other people are building a city called 'The Crystal City', a city we are going to but not in a straight line because we are still building it?"

"What?" the wizard replied, "Yes, right, sort of."

Shaoni by now felt a very strong urge to go squeeze a tree or something to calm his nerves.
"Why can't he just give me a straight answer?" he thought but didn't dare to ask. Just when he was about to give up, the wizard said, "You ask me where we are going to, Shaoni. You ask me how far it is and you ask me why we are not going there in a straight line."

"Yes?" Shaoni replied hopefully.

"I gave you the answer to these three questions but I am afraid you didn't grasp the meaning of the words I said. So I will tell you once again.
You and I and a hundred thousand other people are building a new city, called 'The Crystal City.' It is not an ordinary city, as you may have understood. This city is built with the power of the heart, not with stones but with higher energies. It is built by people of goodwill, sometimes called 'Light Workers'. It is a city that has been under construction for a couple of years and ever more people are helping to build it. Many of these people think they stand almost alone and sometimes they despair before the grandeur of the job at hand. Others don't realize that they themselves are helping to build the Crystal City, yet they are on the verge of realizing it."

Aneola paused for a moment, giving Shaoni the time to let these words sink in. Then he continued, "As for your questions, 'where it is' and 'why we don't go there in a straight line', the answer is simple. It is being built within the world and places we live in now. It is, in a way, an upgrade of our actual world ... of the places we still have to visit and of the places we already visited before."

A pause again, then he finished, "You see Shaoni? We are not walking in circles. On the contrary even, we are taking the shortest road there is ... and whilst we are walking towards it, we are creating it ... together with a hundred thousand of others."

"Have I then seen those people already?"
"Not all of them of course, but many more then you might think." Aneola replied, "More than you would imagine ... and ever more are starting to work on the job every day."
"Ever more people are working on the foundation of 'The Crystal City'?"
"Yep" the wizard replied.
"And I am one of them?"
"Yep again."

Shaoni wanted to ask even more about this 'Crystal City' but saw that the wizard had once again returned into his own world of thoughts ...
"Who were these people he already met?" Shaoni wondered. "What did they look like and why didn't he recognized them as such? Did they look anything like the wizard?"
Shaoni tried to recall the people they had met so far. Who were they?

Later that evening

Later that evening, the wizard came up to the boy and said, "Tonight my boy, just before falling asleep, go to your center and imagine ...

Imagine yourself, gifted with this power to heal.
Imagine you had this energy within you, an energy so powerful that it could heal the world.

Then imagine seeing a hundred thousand people,
all having this same energy ...
all having the intention to heal the world ...
and imagine them all working together ...
to make their dream become reality."