The Imagine Light Message

Shaoni was walking a few passes behind the wizard. He tried to understand the many things the wizard had told him over the past few weeks. One thing seemed to reoccur all the time. Whatever the wizard would talk about, the essence would always be about something called 'the energies' or 'frequencies' or 'higher vibrations'. Yes, whenever there was something the wizard wanted to explain, the energies wouldn't be far of.

"Is the essence behind it all then just energy?" Shaoni decided to ask.

"No," the wizard answered, "You have to see it as a key. Energies, vibrations, frequencies ... they are all but images to help you understand ... as a key that opens a door ... a door that allows you to go beyond. Still, the image of the whole universe being united by one single thing, an energy ... an energy vibrating at different frequencies, sure is a nice way to make people feel the essence from within.

Once, I tried to write the essence down into words. Words containing a key ... Listen to what the words said, my boy ... and try to listen with your heart."



Imagine all the world to be… just energy
Imagine you and all around, all energy
The animals, the flowers, the trees ... energy
The planets, stars and galaxies, energy
The grass, the stones and minerals ... energy
Imagine all the world around ... pure energy

Imagine now, this energy ...
like waves of water in a pool
And imagine lying in that pool
feeling all this energy
being all this energy
Being one with the energy
One with all that is

Imagine all the world around ... pure light
And imagine this light to be love,
Feel it running through you
Feel it filling you up …
Feel the joy, the happiness, …
Feel the pure love flowing
Feel your Self

Imagine now, this energy ...
in oh so many frequencies
Feel the frequency of a tree
The subtle radiation of a flower
The power of a crystal
The vibration of your Self ...
and of all those around
Feel how the whole world vibrates
and feel how it all vibrates at its own pace ...
As it is meant to be

And now that you can feel ...
Imagine once again
Imagine this whole world,
Filled with oh so many beings
Full of light and higher energy
Full of unconditional love
Vibrating at a higher frequency
Always there, around to help …
Just a frequency away

Open up, …
Reach out to that frequency
Feel connected,
Be one,

Imagine what would happen
If we could all calm our mind,
Silence the noise
And tune in to those subtle frequencies …
into the higher frequencies.