Beyond the Boundaries of Matter
A Glimpse of Reality

Sometimes people fall in love with someone they have known for all their lives. One day, they 'just' fall madly in love with them. What is it that brings these changes about? What is it that they suddenly discovered? Is it something that wasn't there before? Or was it there all along ... and they just didn't see it?
Imagine you were suddenly able to see that 'extra' thing ... and see it in everybody you had ever met before. Wouldn't that be something? Imagine this was really possible. Wouldn't you want to master such a skill?

They all sat down at the table of the inn where Shaoni and the wizard had checked-in for the night. Seven they were in all. As they sat down for dinner, the landlord asked them to join hands to thank the earth for the food produced and the elders above for their guidance and blessings. Shaoni knew this ritual. At home, his father used to say 'grace' before dinner too. They called it prayer and maybe it went a bit different but to Shaoni the essence behind it was the same.

But this time, as soon as they had joined hands, Shaoni experienced something he had never felt before. He immediately felt a sort of vibrating energy passing through his body. It wasn't like a shock, it was something very subtle ... rather like the tiniest of shivers rippling through his body.

Shaoni wouldn't even have paid any attention to it, if this shivering hadn't been accompanied by a new feeling. As soon as the vibration passed through him, like a wind stroking each and every cell in his body, he felt a warm glow falling over him, embracing him. He suddenly felt as if he had been elevated into an atmosphere of pure love and tenderness, as if he was lying in the arms of a beloved one who deeply cared for him.

Shaoni opened his eyes and looked around. Even the room looked different, warmer, cozier. A place where it was nice to dwell, where worries could be set aside and forgotten, where sorrows could heal. He closed his eyes again and plunged back into that feeling. Oh what beauty, he thought.

His thoughts wandered off to the places they had passed that day but now ... all around, wherever he looked, he only saw beauty. He saw the girl who had been playing in the park beside the road. They hadn't really met. They had merely passed each other by and for just a brief moment their eyes had met.

Now, his eyes closed, Shaoni saw her again but this time, he saw her as she really was ... a being of utter beauty, shinning and surrounded by a warm light. In his mind, he went over to the girl, his heart overflowing with a feeling of intense love. As he did, the same slight but deep shiver filled his whole being once again.

The girl wasn't surprised in the least. She looked at Shaoni and saw him too surrounded by a glow of light. Shaoni could feel how both their beings blended as if they became one ... and as they did, every single one of his cells chanted with the same feeling, 'I can feel how beautiful you are. How nice it is to love you.'

Shaoni's mind wandered back to the room he was in. Once again he opened his eyes and looked at the people sitting at the table. They were still the same people, yet they looked different now. Not physically that is but as he looked at them, it was as if he could see another layer, something deeper. It was as if he was looking past the shell of harshness that life had built around them. So easy it was to see past this shell ... and so beautiful to see what lay behind. How beautiful these people were. How perfect and complete. Shaoni couldn't help but think 'Pure love in disguise'.

Shaoni looked at the wizard. He wanted to let him know what was happening but at that very moment, he heard the landlord say ' ... and so be it'. Suddenly everyone sort of came back to life and within seconds the room was filled with laughter, yelling and other 'daily noises' again. Shaoni slowly came back into this reality and looked at the wizard. In his eyes shined a deepened glow. He wanted to tell the wizard but before he could, Aneola said, "I was there with you, my boy."

Later that evening, when all had gone quiet, Shaoni sat down by the fireplace where the wizard was sitting as if in a trance. He felt he had a hundred questions to ask and a thousand things to say but he didn't get further that that one question, "What was that, Aneola? What was it that I saw?"

The wizard remained at the level of inner peace he was in most of the time as he replied. "Some would say you have been visited by the Holy Spirit, others would call it 'a glimpse of Nirvana', others still would say ... ah, but these are all but approaches to help you understand something that cannot be said in words.

The essence is, my boy, when you raise your energy to a higher vibration, you open the doors to the reality beyond. A reality that exists beyond the material world ... and that reality is the one you have visited this evening. At the dinner table, for a brief moment, your whole being vibrated at a higher frequency and you saw the world as from above. The same world, the same people, just seen through other eyes, seen in another light. This then is the world that exists beyond the realm of your physical body. It's a wonderful world, isn't it?"

With these last words, Aneola closed his eyes, intending to go back into his 'state of inner peace' as he used to call it himself.

"What?" said Shaoni, "Is that it? Is that all you are going to say about it? I mean, I just experienced like the most incredible thing and now ..."

Shaoni didn't get to finish his sentence as the wizard interrupted him.

"Why then? What could I tell you? For you have just experienced one of the things that cannot be translated in words. You have just visited the realm of the heart. What else then can I tell you but this :

Remember your experience,
and try to live your life
whilst looking with these new eyes,
the eyes you used tonight."

Later that evening

Later that evening, the wizard came up to the boy and said, "Tonight my boy, just before falling asleep, go to your center and imagine ...

Imagine how for every soul you meet ... you can see past the pain, the fear, the confusion ... and see the beauty of what lies behind, a beauty, hidden only by the thinnest of veils. If you look with your heart, that is what you will see. Look with the love you feel in your heart, my boy.

Once you have learned to look 'with love', look again and ask yourself ... 'What else is there to do but to just love this soul I see?' "

That night Shaoni didn't ask any questions. In his heart, he had already felt and understood the things the wizard had spoken about.