Just a Sudden Mood Swing
Transfer of feelings

Did you ever feel a sudden sadness falling over you ... or a sudden happiness for all that? Did you ever feel completely depleted of energy ... or got up in the morning, feeling like a hundred thousand volts ... and all that without there being any apparent reason for it? How could that be?

Suddenly the man felt a deep sadness falling over him. With his mind, he tried to push it away. After all he was a man and he couldn't just burst into tears, could he? Burst into tears for no apparent reason, no less. What would the others say?

A few hundred miles from there, his daughter had just broken up with her boyfriend. A boy she loved with all her heart. Pain raged through her as she cried out in anger and sadness. Why?

She thought back of her youth, the times she had spent with her father when she was still a little child, when life seemed so simple and promising. She went back to the times spent with her father, the man she had always trusted, who had always been there for her, her father, who now lived a few hundred miles away.

"Why?" she cried out, addressing him, "Why?"
A vague question filled with despair but a question filled with lots of feelings too, feelings of pain, feelings of hope, feelings of distress.

The man by now had gone on with his business. He had put aside the odd feeling of sadness that had suddenly welled up in his heart. Yes, he thought, in life you could sometimes be swamped by some feeling without there being any apparent reason for it. Fortunately, so he said to himself, he had learned not to have these feelings affect him. He had learned to simply put them aside. Yes, he had learned to be in control!


In the evening, sitting in his favorite chair, suddenly the feeling was back; screaming hard, almost tearing him to bits. Tears welled up in his eyes, blurred his vision. In the distance, he heard someone on TV speak about the importance of ... He couldn't even understand the words any more, overwhelmed as he was by this sudden outburst of profound sadness.

At the same time, his daughter stood in front of the ocean, the wind blowing in her face. So many beautiful moments she had spent here. But the beauty had gone! Wiped away with one single stroke. The stroke that took her boyfriend away from her.

"Help me!" she cried out.

The father by now had gone to bed, still feeling bad. This time he hadn't succeeded in putting his feelings aside. Maybe I'll feel better in the morning, he thought. But the night didn't bring him any rest. Instead he dreamed about a little girl ... his little girl, back when she was about twelve. She was sitting alone at the dinner table of the old house where they used to live, sobbing without end.

The next morning, the girl woke up, only moments before her father did, still feeling as if the world has come to an end. She wanted to call him up, tell him what had happened ... then at the last minute, decided not to and hung up the phone again. Seconds later her father woke up, feeling almost just as bad ... not having the slightest clue. He felt as if someone had just hit him with a hammer.

A couple of hours later, his sadness died off and it wasn't long before he had completely forgotten about the whole episode. "Just another of these weird feelings." he convinced himself. How many of these had he had before? "Just part of life as it is."

Unfortunately for his little girl, the feelings didn't fade away just as easy. She kept on struggling, struggling with something she couldn't come to terms with. Months went by, months of confusion and despair ... until one day she decided to take her car and drive back 'home', back to the place where happy memories lived.

Now there she was. Her father felt it like a stroke when she told him about the break up. He could literally feel the pain in his heart. He held her close, in a close embrace, trying to comfort her, giving her all the love he had within him, wishing her to feel better.


From deep within, once again, a sadness welled up ... a sadness, almost like a deja vu, as if he had lived all this already once before. He tried to recall the memory but couldn't find any such experience in his past. No, he only had one daughter and she had never gone through this before. No, he said, as he rationalized the feeling as yet just another one of these things ... as they sometimes happen.

After having told this story, Aneola leaned back, thinking about how feelings were like packages of energy. Yes, he thought, they beamed out into the world around, forming rivers of energy as it were ... and they sure weren't limited to any specific person as most people thought they were.

Yes, Aneola knew that when you thought about somebody with a certain feeling in your heart, that feeling was transferred over to him. The whole world was a constant flow of energies and the fact that people didn't believe it, even tried to suppress these feelings whenever they received them, didn't prevent the rivers from flowing.

Aneola knew that, when you sent hatred to someone, hatred is what the other person would feel. If you sent affection, feelings of affection would flow down the energy river. Whatever you'd send; hope, sadness, distress, anger ... it would beam out from your heart ... to find its way.

Shaoni tried to imagine such a world, a world in which any of his feelings would effectively go out to the person he was thinking about. Could that be true? And if so, what could he do with it. He had to try it out. Maybe he could send loving energy to someone who didn't like him and then see what happened.

Yes, he thought, that's what I'll do.

Later that evening

Later that evening, the wizard came up to the boy and said, "Tonight my boy, just before falling asleep, go to your center and imagine ...

Imagine yourself sending feelings of love and healing out into the world. See how these feelings flow out from your heart.

Then imagine, hundreds of thousands of people doing just the same thing ... every evening, sending out their loving energy.

Imagine! Imagine these rivers of energy and then imagine . what they can do for the world."