The Wisdom of a Million Books
Another Trip into the Andalin

The inspiration of a song writer, the muse of the artist, the sudden insight of a scientist, the indefinable 'knowing' we all experience sometimes ... the wisdom of your 'wizard within' or your 'spirit guide'. Where does all this 'knowledge' come from?
Inspiration, insight, inner knowledge, a muse, a guide ... a wizard! What if they were all the same? What if there was only one source?

Shaoni had been pensive for the whole day ... as if he was trying to solve a riddle. He had been so occupied that he had tripped several times over the stones that were unevenly spread over the path they were walking on. Aneola had seen it of course but had decided not to say anything and let the boy come forth himself whenever he felt ready.

A couple of months had gone by since Shaoni had first met the wizard and he remembered well the day that Aneola had first told him about his 'wizard within' and then later about his 'guides' and about the 'energies all around'. Shaoni had integrated it all into his daily life and into his way of thinking. He had learned to ask for assistance, or just to ask a question when he felt the need. He knew how to listen to the answers of his heart, or to the answers as and when they came, sometimes immediately, sometimes a few days later, sometimes in a dream, but most often as an insight or an event crossing his path the next day. Yes, he understood that there was another source of information, different from the information you learned in school or read about in books. But where was this 'information' coming from? Was it something from within himself or was it something that came from 'elsewhere'?

Shaoni had decided to ask the wizard's opinion on the matter.

"Yes?" Aneola replied as if surprised that Shaoni was about to ask him a question.


Shaoni was too absorbed in his own thoughts to notice the wizard's wit. He just went on to tell Aneola what had been playing on in his mind.

"So you wonder where the 'knowing' comes from? Well, rather than tell you," the wizard replied, "let me show you so that you can judge for yourself."

As once before, when he had decided to show Shaoni the healing energy fields of the Andalin plane, the wizard touched Shaoni's hand. Immediately, Shaoni felt the energy rising, a shiver, gradually spreading over his entire body, making all of his cells vibrate at a higher level. Thoughts and views came back into his mind. Things the wizard had told him, things he had experienced too. As he did, the cells in his body became ever more in tune with one another.

Shaoni's attention now turned to the billions and billions of cells vibrating within him and as he did, a complete new insight dawned on him. He saw how each and every one of his cells not only danced in harmony but also felt connected with the other cells. More important still, he felt, well ... as if the cells had knowledge ... and as they vibrated together, they also shared this knowledge!

As if this was the moment of insight that Aneola had been waiting for, Shaoni suddenly found himself projected into the Andalin again.

Shaoni was surprised. What he saw, didn't correspond with what he had seen the last time he was here. Back then he had seen colors and light shapes in an ever changing dance of energy. What he was looking at now was, although the same in essence, completely different. The shapes he saw now seemed to be more defined, human like even. Not that he saw beings with arms and legs. Still, he could clearly feel these shapes to be entities. He could even feel their thoughts.

Still, Shaoni understood that the entities he now saw were no different from the light shapes he had seen the last time. It's just that now, he saw them, well ... he saw them with other eyes maybe ... or better still, he saw a different aspect of them because he was looking with a different state of mind. Yes that's what it was. The last time he had seen pure healing energy. Some sort of loving light, wanting to heal wherever the energy was blocked, healing by pouring light out of themselves into the darker spaces, unconditionally.

Now Shaoni saw the same energy, yet he saw them as entities. Entities that contained a great source of knowledge, a deeper understanding. Shaoni could feel how the knowledge of these entities was unclouded. This was pure knowledge, basic knowledge, not confused by pain or judgment, not diminished by any selfish intention.


For just a split second, Shaoni's mind flashed back to the image of his own cells dancing. Each cell an entity in itself, yet as they vibrated into harmony, they shared all that they had ... even the information they contained.

Back again his mind flashed to the Andalin. Suddenly Shaoni understood. This wasn't just a world of energy governed by unconditional love. It was a world of limitless knowledge as well, a knowledge shared between all of the entities present. Shaoni could feel how these entities communicated with each other ... and with him. They looked right into his soul. They saw him, not only for what he really was, pure soul, but at the same time for what they were themselves ... and just as the cells within his body danced and sang in harmony, so did all of the entities that had gathered around him now ... the entities he was one of ... the entities he was one with!

"You see my boy," Aneola said, "just as it is on the cellular level, all is connected ... and as all is connected, there is no telling if the information comes from within or without. Once you transgress the boundaries of the physical, all knowledge is shared."

Later that evening

Later that evening, the wizard came up to the boy and said, "Tonight my boy, just before falling asleep, go to your center ... then, when your mind has gone quiet and you can truly feel the inner silence, the rest, the deeper joy ... then my boy, from within your inner most self, and without expecting anything specific, open yourself up to the knowledge you have seen today.

Don't try to listen with your mind, but rather just feel ... observe what you feel from within. Do not ask for help or advice, do not ask any questions, just feel and realize ... all this is yours."

"What do you mean?" Shaoni asked, "What do you mean by 'all this is yours'?"

"Well," Aneola said, "exactly what I said. All this is truly yours. All this knowledge, all this wisdom, not only exists out there but also lives within yourself ... and all of it is truly yours."