Six Billion Creators
Can you see ... passed the confusion?

So many people live in fear. Fear for the present, fear for the future.
"Who can deny it?" they say, "You must be an idiot to deny it. The world IS bad ... life IS dangerous."
But is it really?

It didn't happen often. Most of the time Shaoni was just a playful kid but now he looked troubled. Shaoni was thinking of the people back home and about the life these people led.

They didn't know about this 'other' world that existed around them. They couldn't see it. Nobody had ever told them about it. On the contrary even ... they had been given sunglasses as soon as they were born ... sunglasses preventing them to see that what was really there. So what did they see?

Shaoni thought of a man he knew. A man who lived in the village, not far from the place where he used to live himself. First thing in the morning getting up, the man would listen to the news on the radio. He was so lucky to have the 'news', he said ... wouldn't miss it for the world. The 'news' was important. It kept him informed ... told him what was going on in the world.

Shaoni thought about it. What was this 'news' about anyhow?
'World news' first. A list of events showing misery, accidents, pain, hunger, explosions and catastrophes.
"No!" said the man, "Things weren't going well in the world at all. I'd better beware. I could be the next one to be hit ... the next one in line."
Then came the 'local news'. A few deadly car crashes to start with ... a man escaped from prison last night, the police doesn't know where he is but he is dangerous ... there is a strike at the local plant, 300 people may loose their job ... somebody got severally beaten up at the bus stop ... he is fighting for his life in hospital ...
"It could be the bus stop just around the corner!" the man said to himself.


In his thoughts Shaoni followed the man as he went to work.
"Could I loose my job? What would become of me then? ... Maybe I need an extra insurance to protect me, just in case!"

Around the corner, he stops, waiting for the bus.
"Is it safe? Is it really safe? There are some people across the street ... They are not from around here! Are they?.Could they be?"

Fear settles in his mind. Fear for the present, fear for the future.
"Who can deny it?" he said, "You must be an idiot to deny it. The world IS bad ... life IS dangerous."

The man lived in fear. He saw a world filled with dangers but at the same time, he completely missed the young couple in love standing beside him, the flowers in the field across ... the bird's symphony just above his head. He could have been dancing with joy, if only he had cared to look ... but there he was!

"Yes," Shaoni said, "Aneola is right. People do only see what they want to see. They only see what they believe in!"

Shaoni's thoughts went back to the man as he arrived at his job, Something strange was going on. Shaoni saw how almost everybody here had been hit by the same disease. They all seemed to look at the world in a negative way ... and they all lived in fear!

As soon as the man arrived, someone asked: "Have you heard the news? Did you hear about the 300? Did you hear about the man who was beaten up at the bus stop? Did you hear about the guy who escaped?"
Some hadn't heard about it yet ... but they had heard other stories ... just as bad, just as frightening ... worse even!

The day went by and a stressful day it was. At a certain point his boss asked him to come up to his office. Some problem had risen, he said. The man feared for his job, his future. Fortunately it was all right. He wouldn't be sacked. It was something else ... but it could have been.

Just another day, the man thought as he went back home. Now he could wind down and relax. The final stretch ... he had to take the bus back ... but after that ... ah, finally back home. He sat down, switched on the TV and ... watched the evening news. 'World news' first ...


Shaoni thought back of the sunglass society. Suddenly he understood the deeper meaning. These people were blinder then those of the sunglass story. They couldn't see the world beyond, couldn't see how beautiful it was. They received constant confirmation that there was no beauty or at least, if there was, it was the exception rather then the rule. Yet all at the same time, it was just out there, right in front of them.

Shaoni felt pretty down by now. He looked around into the world and all he saw were depressed people living in fear. Not only they lived in fear! They even felt there was no hope for it to get any better.

A world in which there was ever more hatred, ever less love, ever less understanding. And this world, this awful world that nobody wanted, that everybody was afraid for ... they were creating it themselves, day by day ... with both their hands ... and working hard at it. Wasn't that what the wizard had said?

"The world is a reflection of our own expectations." he had said. "By being convinced that something IS, we actually help to create it, even if we don't want it to happen!"

Six billion people, fearing disaster, fearing the future. Fearing, convinced even that they have no control over it. Six billion people having sunglasses on, sunglasses they received from the very moment they were born. Six billion people having a distorted view ... seeing a bad world, an awful world, a world to be afraid of, a world getting worse by the day. And disaster, oh disaster, worst thing of all ... a world they could not change, so they said, not even if they wanted to.

By now the image had grown into a full scale nightmare in Shaoni's head.
"They are creating it by the mere fact of fearing it." he suddenly yelled out. Then, as he saw Aneola's reaction to this sudden outburst, he continued to tell the wizard what had been on his mind.

"Ah! I see." Aneola replied when Shaoni finished telling him all about his dark thoughts. "I can see why you were worried ... but you shouldn't! It's not as bad as you think it is. Remember how the man, whilst waiting for the bus, didn't see the couple in love ... or hear the bird singing. Could it be that you have the same problem? Could it be that you only see the worried people? Take off your glasses and look my boy, look at what is really happening out there. Look around and see! Not at what you fear seeing because then, that is exactly what you will see. Take off these glasses and look again ... and then tell me what you see."

Later that evening

Later that evening, when all had gone quiet and a blanket of peace had unfolded over the world, the wizard came up to the boy and said ...

"Walk through life whilst keeping an open mind, not to the misery but to the beauty around . and whatever you do, hear the bird, see the couple, smell the roses, enjoy the simple things of life. As you do, you will realize that the world is a much better place than most people think it to be."

"I already knew that." Shaoni said.
"Good!" the wizard replied, "Try not to forget it then when things get rough.