The World In Between
One World, Different Frequencies

Did you ever walk into a room and felt like a shiver running through you? As if the room had an energy all of its own. It may have been a sanctuary of some sort... but just as well a most common place. Just a house or a room which you happened to enter. Have you ever experienced such a thing? I am sure you have.
From there, it is only a small step... to feel another person's energy field

Shaoni called it 'The world in between'. In-between the world he lived in and the world the wizard had brought him to at several occasions, the place Shaoni called 'the world of the thousand lights'.

Once Shaoni had spoken about 'the world in-between' to Aneola but the wizard had just smiled. To him, there was no here and there, there was no physical world on the one hand and a non-physical world on the other, let alone a world in-between. To him, there was, in essence, only one world, be it vibrating at different frequencies. Once Aneola had tried to explain it by comparing it to a tower block.

"You see," he had said, "on the physical plane you are living in the basement of this big tower flat. It's a bit of a dull place because there are no windows, and the people living there, think that the 'world' they see around them is all there really is. Imagine that basement to be the world you lived in Shaoni ... until one day, you discovered a staircase leading up, a staircase leading to the first floor, into a room with a window, a window looking out over a garden. Suddenly you see that there is something more, something besides the 'world' you knew so far. Imagine going further up now, floor by floor, and imagine how, the higher you go, the further you can see. Soon, you start to wonder. Does this world stretch out even further? Does it ever stop? You now take the elevator, right up to the top, up to the 18th floor and look out. Yes, now you can see far, very far ... into worlds you have never seen before, never even dreamed could exist. But tell me Shaoni, did you see another world every time you went up another floor? Or did you just see further into the same world?


You have to understand Shaoni, when you follow the wizard's path, it's a bit like taking an elevator too, except that in this case, you do not go up into a building but you just elevate the energies within and around you ... and as you do, you learn to 'see' what exists on the 'higher' levels. You learn to see ... beyond. But would you say that these 'higher' levels are all separate worlds existing in ever so many different places? And how many of these worlds then would you say exist? Two? With maybe a third one squeezed 'in-between'? Or 18 maybe, like the floors of the tower block. How many do you think, Shaoni?"

Shaoni understood what the wizard was trying to explain. In the wizard's story, Shaoni would just be between the basement and the first floor, having a glimpse over the garden from there ... but what he saw, was still the same garden. The world in between as he called it, was just another view ... another view, yet of the same world.

Still, the wizard didn't mind Shaoni talking about the world in-between and Shaoni spoke about it a lot, mainly because he knew 'how to get there' as he called it. Yes Shaoni knew how to get to the world in-between ... all on his own. If someone had told him a couple of months before that, one day, he would be able to experience, feel ... sense maybe, something he now simply called 'the energies', he wouldn't have believed it. But gradually, almost unnoticeably, as he had learned to go to his center on a regular basis, a new 'vision' had gradually opened up to him. At first, it had just felt like a vague impression, 'things' he felt but wasn't sure about. Sometimes, he would have the impression that someone was following them or that there would be somebody waiting for them around the next corner. ... and then, these 'feelings' turned out to be right. That was how it had been at first but soon after, he started to even 'feel' the intentions of a person just by being near them. It was almost as if he could feel the energies surrounding that person ... or rather, 'the frequency of these energies' as the wizard would later explain.

The first time Shaoni clearly 'felt' the energies of another person, happened one evening, just after he had gone to his center and a man had entered the room to see the wizard. As soon as the man walked in, Shaoni felt like a sudden sadness filling the room. Shaoni realized these feelings came from the man ... he realized that he could actually feel 'how the man felt'. As he tuned into it, he could even feel distress, a bit of anger too ... but then, when he opened his eyes to have a closer look at the man, the feelings faded as if it had all been but a weird dream ... an illusion. Still! Shaoni knew it hadn't been a dream ... the impressions had been way to vivid for that ... no, there was no doubt in his mind.


That was the first time but ... by now, Shaoni could tune in to these energies whenever he wanted to. He just had to sit still for a moment and call upon them, even in the middle of the day, almost even whilst walking beside the wizard. Whenever he met someone and opened up to that person, he would feel the energies ... the energies emanated by the other person. Energies radiating out ... and Shaoni had learned how to capture them.

Yes, Shaoni had taken his first paces towards becoming a wizard. Except that, by the time this first 'gift' had developed, Shaoni didn't consider it to be all that special anymore. No, by now he considered it to be just part of life, just as normal as seeing and hearing was. Shaoni just knew that if he sort of half closed his eyes and made his mind go blank, he could tune into the energies of the people around. It was all a matter of knowing how to do it, he said, just like riding a bike.

If someone would have told him that this was all just part of becoming a wizard, he probably would have said 'Huh?' as he so often did. Still, Shaoni was indeed slowly turning into a wizard. Except that it all happened so gradually that he didn't even fully realize it himself.

One thing however Shaoni did know. He enjoyed the things he had learned and experienced since he had met the wizard. Many of them fulfilled him time and time again with feelings of utter joy, feelings that went beyond dancing, feelings that made him dance inside, every little cell of his body.

The utter beauty of the energies dancing. Oh yes, Shaoni by now had felt them. It wasn't something he was proud about though. No, by now, it just felt as if it was part of life as he knew it.