Hands of Light
A World of Healing Energies

What is the first thing you always do whenever you are in pain? Think about it. A headache, a tooth ache ... or whenever you fell down and hurt yourself. What is your first reaction? Right! You always bring your hand to the place where it hurts. Do you think that is just coincidence?
Maybe without even knowing it yourself, there is a reason behind it. Maybe it is something from a long, long time ago ... something we had almost forgotten about.

There she was again. Shaoni recalled seeing her that one day. She was just playing beside the road when Shaoni and the wizard had passed her by. That same evening, he had seen her again, be it at another level this time. In the evening, Shaoni had seen her whilst sitting at the dinner table, his eyes closed. He had seen her covered in light. All radiant she had been, covered in an intense softness.

But this time something was wrong. The girl was clearly in pain. Shaoni could just feel it. He looked at the wizard, wishing him to help. Aneola had this gift. So often before Shaoni had witnessed Aneola healing people just by laying his hands on them.

'Giving energy' the wizard called it or 'bringing them back in balance' sometimes.

"Can you help her?" Shaoni asked.
His voice almost broke as he felt the girl's pain. Shaoni could literally feel it as a profound sadness within himself. From his heart, he reached out to her.
"Help her, please." he said once again, looking at the wizard. The words almost didn't get passed his lips.


Shaoni deeply felt for this girl. To him, she wasn't just a girl. Shaoni saw her as he had seen her that one evening at the dinner table. A being of utter beauty, surrounded by a warm light filled with love, shining out. Once again, he felt like rivers of pure love flowing. Shivers ran up and down his spine. Shaoni looked around and saw how the world around had once again 'changed', covering everything in a warm, all embracing glow of light.

All that time, Aneola had just been standing there, a soft smile on his lips.
"Why don't you help her yourself Shaoni?" he now said.
"You can do it. You do not need to ask me to do it for you. You have it in you to heal her yourself. Trust yourself, my boy ... follow your heart, go to her ... and heal her."

Shaoni looked at the world around. By now, everything had been covered in this warm, all embracing 'light' but then, when he looked at the girl, he saw the light was dimmer around her ... as if something was blocking it off somehow.

The wizard had told him before that you could sometimes 'see' it when people were sick, see the parts of their body where the energy had been blocked but Shaoni had no such clear vision. He rather just saw that the energies weren't as brilliant around the girl ... and he had this feeling of pure love and deep compassion, a feeling so strong, so intense ...

"Just do it my boy." he heard the wizard say.

As the words resonated in Shaoni's head, he felt a warm glowing energy filling his whole body. It was as if all the energy from the world around was suddenly being offered to him, being poured into him, like a shower of loving energy. Shaoni felt how it filled him up from the head down, flowing down his spine, filling everything along the way, covering it with this warm, comforting glow, spreading out over his whole body, until he felt like overflowing with love ... a love now directed to that one little girl in front of him ... a girl in pain.

Shaoni by now could see himself completely covered in light, a light radiating out from within his heart where it seemed to have found its center. It had formed a sphere around him, a sphere of white, somewhat golden light, a sphere, he understood, protected him from anything that would ever try to harm him.

Yet, that is not what Shaoni was most amazed about. As he felt this overwhelming desire to help -unconditionally help the girl who was still sitting there, looking at him- he felt that his hands had started to glow and when he looked at them, he saw a light radiating out from them, as if the energy that had build up within him wanted to be shared.

Once again he looked at the girl. She smiled at him. A faint smile. More like tears welling up. But now Shaoni didn't feel any sadness anymore. What he experienced now was completely different. He felt the power in him to help.


A last thought flashed through his mind, then he went over to the girl. 'Help me', he said. It wasn't addressed to someone in particular. Without realizing it himself, he had called out for the help of the higher entities to assist him, any higher entity living in the Light. Shaoni now knew, he was not alone in this. On the contrary! He was surrounded, surrounded and protected.

Shaoni lifted his hands and placed them on the girl's shoulders. He didn't know why but for some reason he knew this was exactly what had to be done. A few moments went by before he felt an energy flowing through his hands and into the girl. It didn't feel like something that was taken from him. No, the more energy poured into the girl, the more energy just poured into Shaoni as well. Shaoni by now felt very close to the girl. Waves of pure love poured through him, just as it did for the girl. Two people, feeling the same loving energy rushing through them.

Aneola, watching what was happening from the side, could now see how the energy that had first only surrounded Shaoni, now had spread to include the girl as well. Both of them were now covered by this sphere of white golden light and within this sphere, Shaoni's hands were resting on the girl, giving this unconditional love.

Shaoni didn't know how long he had been standing there for. He knew how at a certain moment he had to move his hands to another position, bringing them from her shoulders, down to her lower back, then up again to place them over her eyes. He didn't know why exactly but intuitively he knew that was what had to be done and he decided to just trust his feelings.

When he felt he was done, he hugged the girl and within that hug two worlds became one. It took only a few moments, then the feeling slowly faded. Shaoni felt how the energies slowed down again, bringing him back to the reality of his 'normal' state. He had now 'separated' from the girl, disconnected himself from her as it were. Shaoni gently caressed the girl. A soothing stroke, as if to ease the energies to come to rest again.

The girl lay quietly, feeling the glow of warmth deep within, feeling how the energy had brought everything in balance again, healing whatever had to be healed.
"Thank you." said the girl with a soft voice.
"Thank YOU!" Shaoni answered. He meant it, never before in his life had he felt so well.