Welcoming All Light Workers
The Crystal City Gates

Did you ever look at the world around and see ... the Smaggles, the Shiverins, the Wheelchair Pushers, the Sunglass Addicts? Did you ever see the big conference rooms ... or any of these men prescribing those killer pills? Did you? And did you wonder then and think: "If only there was something I could do."
Yes, did you ever think, "If only there was something I could do."

In the distance they saw a town, a big town. Shaoni didn't like towns but this one on the contrary seemed to attract him. Already from afar, he could feel how the place was full of energy ... the energy of a town that 'lives'.

As they approached, Shaoni was surprised to find big messages along the path leading towards the city. They seemed so out of place here. From afar, he tried to read them ...

The Path is clearly marked out ... said one


'The Path is clearly marked out?' What did they mean? The path to the town? But that was stupid as you could see the town from here ... and there was only one road leading to it anyhow.

Help us, help yourself ... help the world ... said another

'What did they mean by that? Shaoni didn't have to walk far before he could see yet another sign.

Together we will soon be able to create ...

The second part of the message was hidden behind some bushes. Shaoni tried to read it as he got closer.

... enough energy for others to create.

Huh? What did they mean by that one? Shaoni couldn't help but wonder. He tried to figure it out but before he could make any sense out of it, he saw yet another sign. This one read ...

Subscribe to the Light Workers database.

What weird messages, Shaoni thought. He looked at the wizard, hoping he would clarify what these signs meant but Aneola didn't even seem to notice them.

Visit the Light Project Launcher ... read the next one

Ah, that one sounded like fun. 'The Light Project Launcher ...'


Shaoni didn't really try to find out what it meant though. This place was just full of messages. You only had to walk a few paces and already the next one would appear.

Just so you don't think it wasn't meant for you ... said the next one.

"Right." said Shaoni ... "Who you? 'You' you, 'me' you or 'the others' you?"

Shaoni wasn't sure he liked the last message. He had never liked these messages talking directly to him. They made him feel uneasy, somehow. As if they expected him to take some action ... to do something.

By now they had arrived at the gates of the city. As he looked up at the big portal doors, he saw, written on these doors, the biggest sign of them all.

Did you ever think
'If only there was something I could do?'
Well ... here is your chance

Then, below, in smaller print, it said ...

Please enter Shaoni. Do not hesitate, you are part of our community, you belong here ... and we need you. Join us and feel welcomed as you enter. We have been waiting for you.

That last message had been just a bit to much for Shaoni. How could they have known his name? And who told them he was coming? Shaoni looked around. Walking a few paces behind he saw some other people. One of them was a girl. Her name was Sania. She too was just arriving into town ... using the same road. She too had read the signs and you could see she was slightly puzzled too as she crossed the big city gate and read ...

Please enter Sania. Do not hesitate, you are part of our community, you belong here ... and we need you. Join us and feel welcomed as you enter. We have been waiting for you.

They both walked through the gates, almost together ... and as they did, they both wondered. What fantastic things would await them here? Then, Shaoni saw the last sign ...

This one is yours to create. Make it so, it beats the wildest of your dreams ... make it so it beats ...the wildest of dreams for all of humanity ... for all those already present ... and for all those yet to come.

Shaoni couldn't help but wonder. How many people already passed through these gates? And did they know what to do ... what to create?

Suddenly Shaoni remembered the first sign he had crossed as he was walking towards the city.

The Path is clearly marked out ... it said.